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The National Assembly:   http://www.na.gov.la

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:  http://www.mofa.gov.la

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry:  http://www.maf.gov.la

Ministry industry and Commercial:  http://www.moc.gov.la

Ministry of Education:  http://www.moe.gov.la

Ministry of Energy and Mines' Department of Energy Promotion and Development:  http://www.poweringprogress.org

Foreign Investment Management Office:  http://www.invest.laopdr.org

Lao National Chamber of Commerce & Industry:  http://www.laocci.com

Science Technology & Environment Agency:  http://www.stea.gov.la

Lao National Statistic Center:     http://www.nsc.gov.la

Lao Customs Office:       http://www.laocustoms.laopdr.net

Lao Embassy in Overseas:  

Lao embassy in Bangkok:    http://www.bkklaoembassy.com   

Lao embassy in USA:          http://www.laoembassy.com 

Lao embassy in France:        http://www.laoparis.com

Lao embassy in Sweden:       http://www.laoembassy.se